Keys for Life Teacher Resources

Keys for Life resources for teachers and students are provided at the Keys for Life professional learning workshop and can be downloaded below.

The Keys for Life Teacher Resource has 10 lessons that cover essential pre-driver and road safety education content. It is mapped to the Western Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education Year 10 Syllabus, and other learning areas such as Humanities and Social Science, English, Science and Mathematics. Facilitators should tailor the program for student needs.

How to deliver instructions graphic !0 lesson overview page image Teaching and learning strategies graphic
How to deliver Keys for Life 10 Lesson Overview Teaching and Learning Strategies

From October 2017 the Department of Transport announced changes to the Western Australian Driver's Licence Application Process.  Improved processes to obtain a provisional licence will better prepare applicants and result in safer novice drivers.  Download the updated Keys for Life facilitator manual pages below resulting from these new changes.  An updated complete resource will be available in 2019.

Flyer image - 6 steps to getting your license Page image - Licensing Steps Page image - Graduated Driver Training and Licensing System Page image - how to get a drivers license in WA Page image - the WA licensing system Page image - 6 steps flowchart
The Six Steps to Getting Your License
(Pg 20)
Licensing Steps
Pg 26)
Graduated Driver Training and Licensing System
(Pg 27,28)
How to get a driver's licence in WA
(Pg 29)
The WA Licensing System
(Pg 30)

6 steps flow chart
(Pg 3,20,118)

For teachers still using the 2014 Teacher Resource, download the updated Keys for Life facilitator manual pages below resulting from these new changes.  An updated complete resource will be available early in 2018.

Road Safety in WA resource page image Keys for Life and the WA Licensing system resource page image

 Test register resource page image

Licensing Steps resource page image Graduated Driver Training resource page image
Road Safety in Western Australia 2014
(Pg 7)
Keys for Life and The WA Licensing System 2014
(Pg 10)
Test Register Excel 2014
(Pg 16)
Licensing Steps 2014
(Pg 37)
Graduated Driver Training and Licensing System 2014
(Pg 38,39)
How to get a Drivers License resource page image Getting a Drivers License Fact Sheet resource page image Sharing the Road resource page image Stages of Learning resource page image 6 steps flowchart resource page image
REPLACEMENT How to get a driver's licence in WA 2014
(Pg 40)
Getting a Driver's Licence fact sheet 2014
(Pg 41)
Sharing the Road
(Pg 123)
Stages of Learning to Drive 2014
(Pg 205)
6 steps flow chart small
(Pg 25,203)


Behind the Wheel Journal

Behind the Wheel Journal cover image


Note* The Behind the Wheel e-Journal is currently unavailable. This resource is being redeveloped to better suit the needs of educators and students. Read more.

The Behind the Wheel Student Journal includes 10 tasks that students must complete in order to meet program requirements. Registered Keys for Life facilitators can order hard copy Behind the Wheel student journals from Northside Logistics or  students can complete the journal online. Teachers must register here for the e-journal, before their students do. 

Let's Practise

Students who attend a Keys for Life Parent Workshop with their parents will be given a Let's Practise booklet. This includes information about learning to drive, the Log Book and other handy tips about being a safer driver. 

Drive Safe

The Drive Safe Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the road rules that apply in Western Australia. It is written in an easy to understand format and designed primarily to help new drivers prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.

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