Drug Information

Drug education and early intervention programs are important to reduce the harms from methamphetamine and other drugs.

Drug education ensures students can access accurate information about drugs. It provides opportunity to improve their ability to make safer choices, to build resilience and strengthen mental health and extend their social and emotional awareness.  

Classroom scene Teenage students sitting together

For schools

Guidance on how to provide effective school drug education and what schools can do to ensure they are equipped to take appropriate action when drug use issues arise.

For students

Learn more about methamphetamine, the effects it may have on your body and mind and how to access support if a friend or family member is experiencing a drug problem.

Woman sitting on bench thinking Group of teens

For parents

Guidance on how to talk to young people about drugs and how to engage with them if you have concerns that they are using drugs.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide support and assistance to parents, schools and students.

For further information, please contact rsde.rfa@education.wa.edu.au

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