Challenges and Choices

The Challenges and Choices teaching and learning resource provides a range of learning activities with age-appropriate resilience, road safety and drug education content for students K-9. Professional learning workshops are also available for educators to help deliver resilience, road safety and drug education programs. Browse and register for any upcoming workshops.


This primary (K-6) teacher resource provides learning activities that help teachers deliver contemporary, age-appropriate resilience, drug education and road safety programs. Practical examples of how teachers and families can promote the learning of personal and social skills (such as helpful thinking, positive attitudes, recognising and managing emotional responses, seeking help, and making friends) in children are also provided.



The Challenges and Choices road safety education resourcesThe Challenges and Choices road safety education resources (Years 7-9) recognise the underlying motivations and expected outcomes of risky behaviour by some young people in the traffic environment. The resources address these through the development of skills which promote responsible decision making for their own and others’ safety and seek to increase students’ capacity to resist and cope with pressure and social influences.

The resource includes a Teacher Resource with two modules, Resilience education and Road Safety education, and the student workbook ‐ In Gear.

Challenges and Choices Be Ready imageThe Challenges and Choices alcohol and other drugs education resources (Years 7-9) are designed to address two relevant and contemporary health contexts for young people, mental health and wellbeing, and drug education.

The content aims to support and expand students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in relation to their health, safety and wellbeing.

The resources include a Teacher Resources with two modules, Resilience education and Drug education, and the student workbook ‐ Be Ready.

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