What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a professional learning program to help you use empathy and build relationships with students to address alcohol and other drug (AOD) use.

Intervening early to address student alcohol and other drug use can stop problems getting worse and improve wellbeing.

It is a knowledge and skill building program which supports school staff to take relevant action and help students whose behaviour is giving cause for concern.

The Wraparound program introduces skills and strategies to support any staff member in a school to gain confidence in their interactions with students.

Throughout the program, staff are provided with opportunities to practise the skills and to use the strategies introduced. 

Email us to register for workshops in 2021 or call 9402 6415.

This program is funded by the Mental Health Commission.

Who can participate in Wraparound?

All school staff have a role in early intervention and are welcome to attend Wraparound. It is free for public and non-government schools, and teacher relief is provided.

School staff working in pastoral care roles may find Wraparound particularly helpful. Those roles may include student services staff, chaplains, school nurses, deputy principals, heads of learning area, heads of department and youth workers attached to schools.

More about Wraparound

Watch an introduction to Wraparound

By participating in Wraparound you will:

  • consolidate your knowledge of AOD use;
  • increase awareness of procedures for incident management and intervention support that guide consistent, inclusive responses to student AOD use;
  • learn how to use key models to deepen understanding of an individual’s AOD use behaviour and possible areas for intervention;
  • rehearse and strengthen communication skills;
  • improve ability to engage with empathy to raise the issue or respond to disclosure around AOD use and related behaviour;
  • build skills in Motivational Interviewing relevant for the school context; and
  • work with tools that support students to reduce risks of harm from their AOD use and promote positive behaviour change.

Participate in Wraparound

Steps you'll take to participate in Wraparound:

  1. Complete a self-paced online course before the two-day workshop to familiarise yourself with the concepts of AOD use and early intervention. Teacher relief can be provided for half a day.
  2. Attend a hands-on, face-to-face two-day workshop that focuses on building skills in an interactive learning environment. Teacher relief can be provided for two full days.
  3. Apply your new skills from the two-day workshop when talking with students and use an interaction log for self-reflection and skill building. Submit this log to your facilitator for review one week before the one-day workshop. This will contribute to the group skills review session at the one-day workshop.
  4. Attend a face-to-face, one-day workshop to build your capacity to continue using your new skills. Teacher relief can be provided for the full day.

Upcoming dates for Wraparound in 2022

  • Burswood - Workshop 1 will be held on March 1 and 2. Workshop 2 will be held on April 5. (Online pre-learning will be available from February 22).
  • Broome - Workshop 1 will be held on March 17 and 18. Workshop 2 will be held on May 20. (Online pre-learning will be available from March 10).

Other locations and dates to be confirmed

9402 6415

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