For Parents of Young Children

A child’s early years have a big effect on their future health and wellbeing. To support children during these years, SDERA offer resources and education sessions for parents about resilience, drug and road safety.


A strong sense of wellbeing and positive mental health is vital for a child's learning and development. This allows contributes to the development of social and emotional skills and assists in developing confidence and optimism to prepare them for success, engagement and satisfaction in later life.

Early childhood educators recognise the important role families play in fostering a healthy mind for living and learning. Early childhood services  can support families by providing advice on how to develop positive relationships with children and encouraging resilience.

Smart Steps

We all interact with traffic each day. Young children need to be shown how to do this safely and with the help of an adult. Smart Steps is SDERA's early childhood road safety education program that provides educators and parents with suggestions and ideas on how to build children's knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe in the traffic environment.

Smart Steps resources include suggestions on how to teach children to cross roads safely, all about car restraints, where to play safely and how to be a safe passenger.


Smart Steps videos for parents

Smart Steps resources include suggestions and videos on how to teach children to cross roads safely, all about car restraints, where to play safely and how to be a safe passenger. To view the short videos please click on the following links:

Bike safety

Crossing the Road (metro)

Crossing the Road (rural)

Crossing the tracks (metro)

Crossing the track B (rural)

Kiss and drop

Riding a bike

Riding the bus

Safety Spot

Road Safety Booklet for Parents cover image

The Road Safety Booklet for Parents and Carers

The Smart Steps: Road Safety Booklet for Parents and Carers has key road safety messages for parents to use and share with children such as – always hold a grown up’s hand when crossing the road. The three activity cards in the booklet can be used to engage children in their road safety education.  A free copy of this booklet is provided when playgroups, day care centres or early learning centres run a parent Smart Steps workshop.

Izzy's road safety game

Izzy is the Smart Step's road safety mascot who knows how to stay safe in the traffic environment. Play the Izzy interactive road safety game .

Izzy's road safety storybooks

Road safety mascot Izzy features in these three storybooks: Izzy in the Park, Izzy in the City and Izzy on Holiday. They have age-appropriate road safety messages for your young children such as ‘buckle up’, ‘hold my hand’ and ‘always play away from roads’. 

Your guide to child car restraints

It is the law that all children under 16 years of age, when travelling in a motor vehicle in Western Australia, must be restrained in a suitable restraint that is properly adjusted and fastened. 

The information in this brochure will assist you in making the correct choices when buying and using child car seats.

Visit the Child Car Seats website for more information on buying a child car restraint.


Buckle Up Brochures

Buckle up every child, every trip. Having your child in a car restraint is the law. 

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Drug education

For children to make safer choices, it is important that they learn about drugs from an early age. Children should know about medicines, hazardous substances, passive smoking, caffeine in energy drinks and why all drugs have the potential to cause harm. All of these topics are covered in SDERA's early childhood drug education program.

Early years drug education fact sheets

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