Challenges and Choices Primary

Challenges and Choices is a resource book designed to assist teachers who want to program resilience, drug education and road safety activities.

Challenges & choicesLearning experiences in the Teacher Resource are grouped into five focus areas:
     Focus Area 1 Resilience and wellbeing
     Focus Area 2 Drug education
     Focus Area 3 Passenger safety
     Focus Area 4 Pedestrian safety
     Focus Area 5 Safety on wheels

A range of effective teaching and learning strategies are used to engage students in the content of each focus area.

The family information sheets (fact sheets) provided in each focus area can be downloaded and sent home to give parents ideas on how to build their child’s resilience and personal and social capability skills (such as helpful thinking, coping strategies, recognising emotions and asking for help) that are useful when faced with making informed decisions and manage drug and road safety related situations. Some of the topics include storage of medications and hazardous products in the home, the effects of passive smoking, how to teach children to cross roads, and choosing the right bicycle helmet and child car restraint.

These resilience-related posters can also be used with the Challenges and Choices resources.

This resource refers to slideshows and PDFs stored on a CD-Rom. Please contact SDERA to access those resources.

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