Keys4Life Parents

Parents often take on the role of teaching their children to drive which can be a positive and sometimes challenging experience. 

The Keys4Life program assists parents to find out more about the Western Australian Licensing System and road safety.

Keys4Life Parent Program Resources

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Keys4Life Parent Information Session Let's Practise Behind the Wheel Journal Keys4Life Family Information Sheet: Before you start

Parents and teenagers are invited to attend a free Keys4Life Parent Information Session about licensing and learning to drive.

Teachers can use this flyer to promote the session.

RAC supports the delivery of the Keys4life Parent Information Sessions.

This resource includes information about the Graduated Driver Training and Licensing (GDT&L) system in WA, the learn to drive process, and other handy tips about being a safer driver.

Parents who attend a Keys4Life Parent information session will be given a Let's Practise booklet.

Behind the Wheel is a compulsory journal for Keys4Life students to complete at home before they sit the Learner’s Permit Theory Test.

Parents are encouraged to support their child in completing the tasks within the journal.

Before agreeing to supervise your teenage learner driver there are a few things you need to consider. These considerations are outlined in this Family information sheet.

Perth city on Drive Safe Handbook cover Learner's Permit Theory Test pink cover image Cartoon cars image - family information sheets  
 Drive Safe Handbook Learner's Permit Theory Test How to use a Keys4Life certificate  

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to the road rules that apply in Western Australia and has been written primarily to help new drivers prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.

If your child successfully completes the Keys4Life program they will have the opportunity to sit the Learner’s Permit Theory Test at school. If they pass the test with 24/30 or above, they can provide their Keys4Life certificate to the WA Department of Transport and will be exempt from paying the theory test portion of the fee. 

This Family information sheet explains how to use the Keys4Life certificate to gain an exemption in the Department of Transport’s Learner’s Permit application process.



Keys4Life Additional Parent Resources

Department of Transport Licensing System Department of Transport
Your Secure Identity
Department of Transport
Road Rules Theory Test Quiz

Explore the steps in the WA Graduated Driver Training and Licensing System.

For information on how to meet the proof of identity requirements for initial driver’s licence applications.

Encourage your child to access the online quizzes on the Department of Transport’s website to test their understanding of the road rules.

Australian New Car Assessment program (ANCAP)
Car Safety Ratings
Used car ratings
Road Safety Commission
12 Most Asked About Road Rules

Use ANCAP to explore new car safety ratings.

Visit the RAC website for current information on used car safety ratings.

Confirm your understanding of the road rules by watching these short videos.

SDERA - Students driving to School: Guidelines for managing student drivers and their passengers SDERA - Road map: A road safety directory for schools and communities Keys4Life Family Information Sheets

Develop an understanding of student driver guidelines for schools.

This directory has helpful information, a guide to road safety education resources, and contact details for services and organisations across Western Australia who can support and assist with school road safety education programs and initiatives.

 Read and then share the following Family information sheets from the Keys4Life program with your family.
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