Learners permit test and certificates

Students successfully completing the Keys4Life program are provided with the opportunity to undertake the Learner's Permit Theory Test at their school or agency. Students who pass, are given a Keys4Life certificate. Students present their certificate to the WA Department of Transport as a part of the Learner's Permit application process.

How to use a certificate

Students with a certificate will be granted an exemption from sitting and paying for the theory test. The certificate is also recognised as one of the five forms of identification. Additional information about how to use the Keys4Life certificate is available in the family information sheet – How to use a Keys4Life certificate

Replacing certificates 

If a student loses their certificate and wants a replacement, they should contact their Keys4Life teacher.

Preparing for the Learner’s Permit Theory Test 

Teachers can assist students to prepare for the theory test by encouraging them to complete:

Teachers can also encourage students to build their knowledge and understanding of road rules by reading the relevant sections in Drive Safe

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