Keys4Life Certificates

New certificate system introduced for teachers

SDERA is now responsible for printing Keys4Life certificates and posting them to you (instead of you ordering and filling them in).

These are the new steps for you as a Keys4Life teacher:

  1. You conduct the Learner's Permit Theory Test.
  2. You provide student test results to SDERA by email on the spreadsheet template.
  3. SDERA will print the certificates and post them to you at your school. This may take up to 10 days (metro) and 20 days (regional).
  4. You will sign certificates and hand them out to students.

Note: Keys4Life certificates will continue to be accepted as a ‘Category C’ form of identity for a Learner's Permit and will continue to provide a saving of $19.60 on the Learner's Permit fee.

Replacement certificates

If a student has lost or damaged their certificate, you can request a replacement on their behalf by sending an email to SDERA.

SDERA will post the replacement certificate to you (after receiving your email request).

If parents and students contact SDERA for a replacement certificate, they will be referred back to you to make the request on their behalf.

Ordering resources

You can continue to order resources and test booklets from Northside Logistics:

Please return blank certificates to Northside Logistics, 20 Mooney Street, BAYSWATER WA 6053.

Download the fact sheet to display in your school or agency.

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