Keys4Life Portal Instructions

The new Keys4Life Portal is now the only way you can upload test results and receive Keys4Life certificates for your students.


  1. Register for the Portal by creating a user account.
  2. Receive an email asking you to verify your account by clicking a link. The Department of Education will process this request during office hours. Check your junk folder.
  3. Log in to the Portal and download the Test Results worksheet. Save it to your computer or network. This is a CSV file and must remain in that format. Once you conduct the test, you will use this worksheet to record student details and test results.

Conduct the test

  1. Conduct the Learner's Permit Theory Test for students who have met all three criteria:
    • Aged 15 years or over on the day of the test.
    • Participated in at least 80% of the Keys4Life lessons.
    • Completed a Keys4Life workbook or Behind the Wheel journal.

Record results

  1. Locate the Test Results Worksheet you already downloaded from the Portal and saved on your computer.
  2. Type accurate student details and test results into the worksheet. Do not copy and paste the data from other files.

Do's and dont's when recording results

  • To make sure certificates are valid for a Learner's Permit, you must enter correct birth dates and accurate student names into the worksheet.
  • The worksheet will not upload if:
    • there are incorrect formats,
    • it contains blank cells or
    • student data has been copied and pasted from other files.
  • Enter information for all students participating in the Keys4Life program including those who do not sit the test.
  • If they did not sit the test, enter a result of '0' (zero).
  • A new Test Results Worksheet must be used for each class list. It must remain in the CSV format. We recommend teachers download a new Test Results Worksheet each time they are to upload students results to the portal. This will ensure the most up to date worksheet template is always used.
  • Records must be kept for a minimum of two years and be accessible to other staff at your school.

Upload results

  1. Log into the Portal.
  2. Choose 'Upload' from the menu bar.
  3. Choose 'Browse' and locate the completed Test Results Worksheet (CSV file) on your computer or network.
  4. Choose 'Upload'.
  5. Confirm your school or agency's address is correct (for delivery purposes).
  6. Choose 'Proceed' to submit the worksheet.

Certificates will be processed and posted to you at your school or agency's address. This may take up to 10 days (metro) and 20 days (regional). Certificates will not be posted to schools or agencies during end of year school holidays

When the certificates arrive, check the details are correct, sign them and hand them out to students.

For troubleshooting, refer to the 'How To' guide in the Portal or call (08) 9402 6415.

Incorrect certificates

  • If a certificate has errors, use a new Test Results Worksheet (CSV file). Type the correct student details and test results into the worksheet. Do not copy and paste the data from other files.
  • Follow the steps to upload results.
  • Destroy any certificates with incorrect details.

Lost certificates

If a student has lost their certificate there are two ways you can have a certificate reprinted:


  • If the certificate was processed via the Portal:

1. Log in to the Portal.

2. Use the search function to find the student's name.

3. Click the re-print icon.

Reprinted certificates will be processed and posted to you at your school or agency's address. This may take up to 10 days (metro) and 20 days (regional). Certificates will not be posted to schools or agencies in the week prior to or during school holidays

When the certificate arrives, check the details are correct, sign it and hand it to the student.

If parents or students contact the Department asking for a reprinted certificate, they will be referred back to you to do this. Certificates will be reprinted only once. 

Ordering resources

Order resources and test booklets from Northside Logistics:

Blank certificates

Return blank certificates to Northside Logistics, 20 Mooney Street, BAYSWATER WA 6053.

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