Whole School Approach

SDERA produces resources that support the implementation of whole school approaches to resilience, alcohol and other drug and road safety education. These are based on best practice research such as the Health Promoting Schools Framework.

These resources include a range of easy-to-use tools and templates, sample action plans, whole school alcohol and other drug education plans and procedures to manage drug use incidents. Schools can download the documents straight from the resources or can adapt them to suit their school context and needs.     

SDERA is the only organisation in the State that can provide schools with drug use incident management guidelines, supported by professional development workshops. Our consultants can help schools to assess their needs and develop plans to implement education programs that relate directly to their specific context.


CHAT resources provide information, templates, action plans and other support materials that will assist schools who are implementing a whole school approach in resilience, drug and road safety education.

Wraparound is an early intervention program for school staff. When concerns exist around student alcohol and other drug use, Wraparound  can assist staff to engage and support students more effectively and as relevant to their role in the school. 

The Students Driving to School guide can assist schools to develop a management plan for student drivers and their passengers, and also create a culture of safety, respect and responsibility in relation to student drivers.



Getting it Together: A whole school approach to drug education includes a range of easy-to-use tools and templates, sample action plans, drug education guidelines - including procedures for incident management and intervention support - and other information that will support a whole school approach.

Incident management flowchart image   Intervention Support flowchart inage School Drug Education Guidelines sample image 

Incident Management Template

Intervention Support Template

School Drug Education Guidelines Template

To assist schools in developing School Drug Education Guidelines, that outline how the school is approaching drug education through the three areas of the Health Promoting Schools Framework - Curriculum and Teaching, Ethos and Environment, and Parents and Community, and also providing Incident Management and Intervention Support, these templates and samples can be adapted to suit a school community’s needs.  

The plan can also ensure that while having appropriate consequences or disciplinary actions, the school’s response does not isolate or marginalise a student who may already be struggling. Rather, these procedures can guide schools to provide a clear direction that can assist students to address any issues through appropriate support within the school and, where required, through referral by appropriate staff to relevant external agencies.


Whole School Drug Education Plan information sheet for Department of Education schools   Whole School Drug Education Plan information sheet for Catholic Education and Independent schools

Download examples of primary and high school guidelines here.

Road Map cover image updated October 2017Road map: A road safety directory for schools and communities is a directory that has helpful information, a guide to road safety education resources, and contact details for services and organisations across Western Australia who can support and assist with school road safety education programs and initiatives.

The 12 Principles for School Drug Education are based on current theory and research and provide a best practice, evidence-based guide to understanding what can be included in school drug education programs and how they can be delivered to ensure a comprehensive approach.

They illustrate a multi-layered approach and provide a framework of core concepts and values to support effective drug education practice. As such, the Principles can be used to guide the planning, implementation and review of drug education programs, guidelines and practices in school communities. 

Principles for School Road Safety Education: A Research Summary is an evidence-based set of 16 principles about a best practice approach to road safety education in schools. Collectively, the principles provide a framework to help staff select, deliver and review effective road safety programs for schools.  They were developed in 2009 by SDERA following research that included a literature review and national consultation process and are currently referred to by Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions.

Parent Engagement Kit for Secondary SchoolsThe Parent Engagement Kit for Secondary Schools has been developed by the Drug, Alcohol and Prevention Services Division (DAPSD) of the Mental Health Commission in consultation with SDERA. The kit includes resources, templates, a letter and digital images to help schools engage parents in alcohol education. The Parent Engagement Kit should be used in conjunction with a whole school approach to teaching resilience and drug education curriculum across all years of schooling using evidence-based programs. A whole school approach to drug education should include a whole school drug education plan that is documented and shared across the whole school community. Visit the Mental Health Commission website to learn more about the Parent Engagement kit.

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