Secondary Resources

SDERA’s range of teaching and learning resources for school staff working with secondary students are aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum. Being healthy and safe in the secondary years includes learning about:

  • personal strengths and how these can help when setting short and long term goals, making decisions, regulating emotions and maintaining relationships
  • alcohol and other drugs education looks at the potential harms of legal and illegal drug use including tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and methamphetamine, help seeking strategies and accessing reliable drug information
  • road safety resources demonstrate how young people can manage challenging road-related situations using refusal strategies, assertive communication and by making informed decisions.

Resources are mapped to the Western Australian Curriculum P-10 Health and Physical Education Syllabus, the General Capabilities and in particular the Personal and Social Capability.

Challenges and Choices has been developed for secondary schools who wish to conduct resilience, alcohol and other drugs education, and road safety education programs. 

The Challenges and Choices road safety education resourcesThe Challenges and Choices road safety education resources recognise the underlying motivations and expected outcomes of risky behaviour by some young people in the traffic environment. The resources address these through the development of skills which promote responsible decision making for their own and others’ safety and seek to increase students’ capacity to resist and cope with pressure and social influences.

The resource includes a Teacher Resource with two modules, Resilience education and Road Safety education, and the student workbook ‐ In Gear.

Challenges and Choices Be Ready imageThe Challenges and Choices alcohol and other drugs education resources are designed to address two relevant and contemporary health contexts for young people, mental health and wellbeing, and drug education.

The content aims to support and expand students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in relation to their health, safety and wellbeing.

The resources include a Teacher Resources with two modules, Resilience education and Drug education, and the student workbook ‐ Be Ready.

'Without doubt one of the most comprehensive drug education resources I have ever seen. Amazing!’

Paul Dillon, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia Pty Ltd

Keys4Life resource cover image

Keys4Life is an evidence-based, comprehensive pre-driver education program for school staff working with students in Year 10 to 12 across Western Australia. The content focuses on safe driving, the benefits of supervised driving practice, getting a driver’s licence, and how to become a safe, tolerant, and compliant driver.


Drug Talk: Body. Mind. Future. is a meth/amphetamine and other drugs education program for Year 10–12 students, educators and parents. This innovative online program supports students to build their knowledge and resilience, empowering them to make healthy, informed decisions for their own and others’ safety and wellbeing, now and into the future.


Wraparound is an early intervention program for school staff. When concerns exist around student alcohol and other drug use, Wraparound  can assist staff to engage and support students more effectively and as relevant to their role in the school. 

Connect 2018 Directory image

The Connect directory provides contact details for a diverse range
of community based health education, alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and mental health support services located throughout WA. 

These services support school staff, parents and students  by offering programs that complement a school’s AOD education initiatives, and providing counselling, information and referral for those experiencing concerns around their own or someone else’s mental health or AOD use.

Road Map cover image updated October 2017

Road map: A road safety directory for schools and communities is a directory that has helpful information, a guide to road safety education resources, and contact details for services and organisations across Western Australia who can support and assist with school road safety education programs and initiatives.

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