We partner with a number of government and non-government organisations, agencies and service providers to deliver better outcomes for young people. 

The following reference groups are chaired and led by us.

The Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee (WARSEC)

Established in 2003, WARSEC members meet four times a year with the aim of promoting evidence-based and evidence-informed road safety education for schools and early childhood and community services in WA. The strategies that members implement contribute to the Towards Zero WA Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020 and are identified in the biennial action plan Directions.

Directions cover image of mum holding toddler

Road Safety Education Reference Group Australasia (RSERGA) 

RSERGA have worked on several collaborative projects including the research and development of the Principles for School Road Safety Education and the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education. Established in 2004, members meet each year at the Australasian Road Safety Conference and work together to coordinate the Road Safety Educators Workshop.

The Western Australian School Drug Education Reference Group (WASDERG)

Established in 2016, WASDERG provides an opportunity for those working in the school alcohol and other drugs field to come together to enhance connection, understanding and partnership.  Three times a year members have the opportunity to share information and discuss ideas and current and emerging initiatives. Membership provides an ongoing awareness of the roles each service, organisation and agency plays and this strengthens our ability to support school communities across WA.

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