About us

SDERA helps children and young people make smarter choices by providing a resilience approach to road safety and alcohol and other drugs education. We support school staff, early childhood educators and community agencies with professional learning, resources and state-wide consultancy.

The Role of SDERA

SDERA provides a research based, best practice service that gives confidence to early childhood services, schools and agencies that they are using the Western Australian Government's primary strategy for road safety and drug education. 

We also provide access to face-to-face professional learning opportunities, state-wide consultancy and highly relevant teaching and learning resources that are curriculum mapped and classroom ready and endorsed by the Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia.

SDERA programs remain highly relevant and effective by utilising multiple partnerships with academic and research organisations, the private and public sectors as well as many industry associations.

SDERA is the state government's primary drug and road safety education strategy for children and young people and is funded  by the Mental Health Commission, the Road Trauma Trust Account and the Department of Education Western Australia.

Our Team

Our Manager leads a highly skilled and professional team of consultants working throughout Western Australia to deliver specialised support in drug and road safety education for staff working in early childhood services, schools and agencies. The administrative centre, based in Padbury, is responsible for researching and developing professional learning options and curriculum resources, assisting schools to develop guidelines, and offering advice and information on road safety and drug education issues. We work in partnership with many state and national agencies working in road safety, drug education and injury prevention to ensure our service is effective and reflects best practice approaches.

We support regional and remote schools in Western Australia and have offices in 11 regional locations. Our consultants travel to schools, early childhood centres and agencies providing support, advice and professional learning in resilience, drug and road safety education. Consultants ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from each interaction and can help create customised programs for children and young people using a variety of resources and strategies.

The work of our regional consultants extends beyond the classroom and includes:

  • coordinating and supporting resilience, drug and road safety initiatives and activities within school communities such as health expos, parent forums and events
  • creating links and partnerships for early childhood services and schools with local and state agencies such as Community Alcohol and Drug Services, Local Drug Action Groups, WALGA RoadWise, Public Health Units, RAC, Local Councils and WA Police
  • developing school guidelines for drug education and road safety education
  • assisting in funding submissions
  • promoting drug and road safety education achievements of early childhood services and schools with local and state media.


We seek to be the experts in our field and offer the evidence to support this.
We are committed to modern approaches that enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
We adapt our approach and product based on the unique needs of each school community.
We take our societal responsibly seriously and we are constantly searching for better ways to improve the well-being of kids in our community.

Management Committee

The SDERA Management Committee provides strategic advice in relation to the work of SDERA, monitors and reports on progress, and establishes governance mechanisms.


SDERA has been an integral part of health education for children and young people in Western Australia for almost 20 years. We began life as the School Drug Education Project (SDEP) in 1997 in response to the Western Australian Government’s Report of the Task Force on Drug Abuse, Protecting the Community.

In 2000, the Road Safety Council commissioned a review of national and international road safety education practices. The review recommended the development of a comprehensive road safety education program for children and young people which lead to the implementation of the Road Aware Program.

With SDEP already recognised as having a successful strategy to access school staff and deliver professional learning on a state-wide basis, the Road Aware Program partnered SDEP in 2003, and became known as School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA). SDERA quickly became recognised as a highly effective model of comprehensive planning and implementation for drug and road safety education intervention.

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