Promotion and advocacy

This year, we continued to apply a more strategic approach to advocacy and promotion with the aim of increasing brand awareness and engagement.


Our new branding has been in effect for over 12 months making 2016-2017 the first full year to have the new look and feel. The branding was applied to new name badges, business cards and USBs, and continues to roll out across new corporate marketing, communications and advertising material as old material is replaced.


New marketing collateral was developed to promote our range of services. This includes new workshop and resource flyers, with the full suite to be finished next year. New workshop folders are in development and will be ready to use next year. Emails developed in Campaign Monitor were used to promote workshops and other news.


We continued to produce a quarterly print and electronic newsletter to provide schools with current news about road safety and alcohol and other drugs education. A more strategic approach is being applied to highlight our achievements and promote our services and partnerships.


Our website continued to be an engaging and intuitive online resource for schools, students, parents, early childhood services and agencies. The website provides access to resources and information, opportunities to register for professional development workshops, introductions to unique school programs, and current news and events for schools, parents and students.

Social media

It has been an exciting time for our social media channels as they continue to grow in terms of followers and engagement. Facebook and Twitter were used to promote our services and special events, share current news and encourage engagement with school staff and parents. Workshops, resources and special events were advertised to school staff and parents through targeted Facebook campaigns. YouTube continues to host video content also available on our website and Vimeo accounts. These channels are being used to support new initiatives, tie in with trending issues and promote partnership with stakeholders.


We continued to have the support of three Ambassadors: Brad Hogg, Donna Cross and Kylie Catto. To raise brand awareness and engage with a younger audience, plans were made to grow our Ambassador program. We had discussions with several young people to establish their interest in becoming a Youth Ambassador. It’s expected these plans will come to fruition next year.


A priority this year was increasing our media profile to build brand awareness through earned media. Creating more newsworthy stories and working closer with media led to numerous radio appearances and articles published in regional and metropolitan newspapers and on news websites. Many new relationships were developed with journalists, editors and radio hosts and our database of media grew. We continued to use Meltwater to monitor electronic media including websites, social media and blogs.


A number of events such as national and state conferences and community and family events provided us with opportunities to engage with new and existing stakeholders. We presented to delegates at the Positive Schools Conference and coordinated and facilitated the Road Safety Education Workshop at the Australasian Road Safety Conference on behalf of RSERGA and the Australian College of Road Safety. 


It was an exciting year as Keys for Life received two national awards at the Sixth Annual Australian Road Safety Awards on Wednesday 22 March in Melbourne. These included the Community Programs Award and the Founders Award for Outstanding Achievement. Keys for Life was also a finalist in the Schools Program Award and the Indigenous Road Safety Award. Receiving national recognition for the program was a huge achievement.

Keys for Life was also a finalist in the Insurance Commission of WA’s Regional Safety Award at the 2016 Regional Achievement and Community Awards.


For the first time, we sponsored the Health and Wellbeing Award in the 2017 WA Young Achiever Awards. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge young people who are working to improve the health and wellbeing of an individual or community group.

The sponsorship provided us with extensive positive recognition across WA over a nine month period. We received over $400,000 in media exposure across TV, radio, press, direct mail and online channels as well as at events and in promotional material and signage. We also received positive media coverage in numerous regional and metropolitan newspapers and on news websites.


We continued to partner with a number of organisations, agencies and service providers involved with alcohol and other drugs and road safety education to deliver better outcomes for children and young people.

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