Methamphetamine Project

Talking Drugs workshop for school staff

This year we continued to deliver Talking Drugs professional learning workshops to student services and other school staff. The workshop continued to receive positive feedback from attendees.

Methamphetamine education resource

A new education program was developed to align methamphetamine education with the WA Health and Physical Education syllabus. Drug Talk: Body. Mind. Future. is an innovative online program for Year 10 to 12 students, teachers and parents. The resources included within the program provide relevant and current methamphetamine and other drugs information to support students to build their knowledge and resilience empowering them to make healthy and informed decisions.

Parent information sessions

We continued to deliver Talking Drugs information sessions to parents and carers wanting information about drugs including methamphetamine. Each session provides true and current trends of drug use in WA as evidenced through recent data and reports, strategies to use when speaking with their children about drugs, and an introduction to services offering information and/or help.

Online information

Our website continued to be a current and accurate source of information about drug including methamphetamine for school staff, parents and students. School staff continued to access the Talking Drugs online modules throughout the year.

Early intervention program

A new early intervention program, Wraparound, was developed to increase staff skills and confidence to engage and support students where concerns exist around drug use.

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