Methamphetamine Project

Talking Drugs workshops

We continued to deliver Talking Drugs professional development workshops to student services and other school staff. The workshop content was updated to reflect new data by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2016 and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017. The workshop continued to receive positive feedback from attendees.

Methamphetamine education resource

We began planning a new education resource and assessment tasks to align methamphetamine education with the WA Health and Physical Education syllabus. This resource will provide relevant and current methamphetamine and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) information for Year 10 to 12 students, teachers and parents. To determine the requirements for this resource, we consulted with secondary school staff and the School Curriculum Standards Authority.

Parent information sessions

We increased the number of information sessions delivered to parents and carers. With the support of four bi-cultural workers, a modified session was delivered to parents/carers of culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities. Videos of positive testimonials by parents from English, Karen, Somali, Vietnamese and Arabic backgrounds were produced. To further assist CaLD communities, our four most requested methamphetamine fact sheets were translated into 16 languages.

Online information

Our website continued to be a current and accurate source of information about AOD including methamphetamine for school staff, parents and students. School staff continued to access the Talking Drugs online modules throughout the year.

Early intervention program

A new early intervention resource, Wraparound, has been developed to increase school staff understanding of AOD use.

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