Safer Teens 7-10

This workshop supports those staff working with Year 7 to 10 students and provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Unpack the Challenges and Choices teaching resources that link to the Western Australian HPE Curriculum;

  • explore a resilience approach to drug and road safety education content and planning using activities from the Year 7-10 Challenges and Choices resource.

  • look at current statistics related to drug use and road trauma.

  • discover a range of best practice teaching and learning strategies that can be transferred into the classroom to develop students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

Participant Requirements

  1. Participants should have an understanding of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

  2. Each participant will be required to implement a minimum of 2 lessons/activities following the workshop in the classroom. Upon confirmation of implementation the participant will receive one free teaching resource of their choice (Challenges & Choices). Participants will be contacted post workshop to confirm and discuss their lesson implementation. Additional support is available if required. 

Although professional learning workshops such as these are provided at no cost to teachers and schools, there is a cost incurred by the Department of Education per participant to run the event. If you are unable to attend, please ensure to withdraw your registration to allow others to attend. 


For further information on Safer Teens 7-10 please contact the Road Safety and Drug Education branch on (08) 9402 6415 or email

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