Talking Drugs workshop participant testimonials

SDERA offers free Talking Drugs information sessions for parents of students in all year levels.

If you would like to know more about what parents are saying after attending a Talking Drugs parent workshop, view these videos.

Dianella Community College - May 2017

View a compilation of video testimonials from the Dianella Community College parent workshop.

Image of parent giving workshop testimonial  

You can view video testimonials in a number of different languages

Arabic Karen
Arabic video image  Talking Drugs parent testimonial - Karen
Video transcript - Arabic Video transcript - Karen 
Video transcript - English  Video transcript - English 
 Somali  Vietnamese
 Talking Drugs Parent Testimonial - Somali Talking Drugs Parent Testimonial Recording - Vietnamese
Video transcript - Somali Sound transcript - Vietnamese
Video transcript - English  Sound transcript - English
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