As a parent, opening up a conversation about drugs and drug use can feel confronting and difficult but it is an important conversation to have and can make a significant difference.

While most young people will not have problems with alcohol or other drugs, providing a supportive family environment where issues of concern can be raised and talked through fosters resilience, can help them make the choice not to use drugs and can reduce the risk of problems arising.   Establishing a pattern of open discussion also reassures young people that you will be there for them even if they do end up in a difficult situation.

This section of our website provides information on methamphetamine, guidance on how to talk to your child about drugs, how to engage with them if you have concerns that they are using drugs and answers Frequently asked questions on methamphetamine, and school drug education.  

Fact Sheets, funded by and developed in partnership with the Department of Education and translated into 15 different languages, provide support and assistance to parents.

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