The following resources were developed this year.

Drug Talk: Body. Mind. Future.

Drug Talk: Body. Mind. Future. is a new methamphetamine and other drugs education program for Year 10 to 12 students, educators and parents. The program includes a series of inclusive and interactive lessons, animated videos, trigger videos, student portal, student journal, additional support resources and assessment tasks.

Challenges and Choices assessment tasks

New alcohol and other drug and resilience and wellbeing assessment tasks for students in Pre-primary to Year 9 have been made available to support teachers using our Challenges and Choices resources. These assessment tasks are linked to the WA Health and Physical Education Syllabus. Assessment tasks for Kindergarten/Pre-primary to Year 2 are also linked to the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework.


The new Wraparound program aims to enhance skills and increase the confidence of all school staff to engage and support students who may be engaging in alcohol and other drug use. The program includes the 10 module resource, Intervention Toolkit and two workshops followed by ongoing support and a further capacity building workshop. The resource can be accessed online while the Intervention Toolkit will be available to those who attend the workshops.

Road safety banners and signs

Four 1500mm x 900mm vinyl banners were created to promote key road safety messages. The banners can be easily attached to school fences at the Kiss and Drive, where young drivers park their vehicles at school or at road safety events in the community. A series of six A3 corflute road safety signs for early childhood centres and schools were created at the start of 2018. The signs can be securely attached to fences and pedestrian gates.

That’s the Sound the Street Makes storybook

At the start of the new school year we developed a big version of That’s the Sound the Street Makes and sent a copy to every Pre-primary class in WA. Written by renowned Australian author Danny Katz and illustrated by Mitch Vane, this book encourages children to explore what they can do to keep safe in a traffic environment.

Keys for Life posters

Four A3 posters were created in early 2018 to support key messages from the Keys for Life pre-driver education program. These posters will be available for schools to order in the next financial year.

Aboriginal English fact sheets

Last year we translated four of our most widely used drug fact sheets into 16 different languages. The purpose of this project was to provide a greater cross-section of our community with current and accurate information about alcohol and other drugs in a more accessible format. This year we continued this work by developing Aboriginal English fact sheets.

Aboriginal and CALD flipcharts

This large flipchart can be used when working with groups of Aboriginal or culturally and linguistically diverse parents at Talking Drugs workshops. Information is presented in images with limited text. The facilitator presents the information using the key messages on the back of each flipchart sheet for consistency of message. These flipcharts can also be used when working with small groups of Aboriginal students in regional and remote areas.

Izzy the Smart Steps road safety mascot

We developed a new prototype of Izzy, the Smart Steps road safety mascot. The new costume was tested at several events including Toddlerfest and the World’s Biggest Playgroup day, and received positive feedback from parents and children. The new costume will be available for use by early childhood educators.

Online order form

We developed an online order form to make it easier for teachers and community members to order resources and support materials from our website. The form includes information, pictures and links to all of our materials and once completed, automatically generates an invoice.

Road Map: A road safety directory for schools and communities

Road Map was updated in late 2017. This directory includes helpful information, a guide to road safety education resources, and contact details for services and organisations across WA who can support and assist school road safety education programs and initiatives.

Smarter than Smoking website

The Smarter than Smoking campaign produced a number of excellent tobacco education resources for young people, teachers and parents. SDERA maintains these resources and other useful information on the Smarter than Smoking website. Resources are mapped to the WA curriculum and free to download.

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