The following resources were developed this year.

Seven mapping documents were created which mapped the Challenges and Choices Pre-primary to Year 6 resources to the WA Health and Physical Education (HPE) syllabus. These mapping documents were created to assist teachers and schools to deliver the engaging and age-appropriate learning activities included in the Challenges and Choices Pre-primary to Year 6 resources, and to further support teachers in their delivery of resilience, road safety and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) education.

To support the teaching of road safety and AOD education through a resilience approach, we launched Challenges and Choices Year 7 to 9 road safety and alcohol and other drugs education resources. These resources have been mapped to the WA HPE syllabus and the general capabilities, contain family information sheets, and include engaging, practical and age appropriate teaching and learning activities for students.

The Smart Steps program was revised to address the needs of educators working in early childhood settings. To support the new program, the Smart Steps resources and workshop were redeveloped to link to various frameworks, standards and curriculums. Included within the new resources are eight practice documents that have been written using the National Practices for Early Childhood Road Safety Education. The new workshop teaches educators how to help young children develop skills, behaviours and attitudes so that they can stay safe when travelling as passengers, pedestrians, and users of bikes and wheeled toys. 

  • Wraparound

Consultation with key stakeholders informed the scoping and development of the new early intervention resource, Wraparound. This resource aims to increase school staff understanding of AOD use and related issues.  It can equip school staff to engage and respond appropriately to student AOD use – including use of methamphetamine – with greater competence and confidence. 

Recognising Australia’s cultural diversity and building on previously developed AOD fact sheets, our most widely used parent fact sheets were translated into 16 languages to provide more parents with up-to-date and accurate information about AOD.

  • Talking Drugs videos

To provide parents with authentic first hand thoughts and experiences of our Talking Drugs information sessions, we filmed five parent video testimonials and made these available on our website. Recognising the cultural diversity within our community, these videos were created using English, Karen, Somali, Vietnamese and Arabic speaking parents. Transcripts were also created to support each video.

In the latter half of this year we developed 19 Talking Drugs training videos to support our Regional Consultants in their delivery of the Talking Drugs professional development workshop. A selection of these videos will also be used for an online Talking Drugs professional development workshop next year.

  • Safety School ‘events’

We were asked to write the road safety augmented reality ‘events’ for the newly opened Constable Care Child Safety School. Using key road safety messages relevant for children in the primary years, eight ‘events’ were written to explore the various aspects of the traffic environment at the safety school.

In addition, we highlighted activities from the Challenges and Choices Pre-primary to Year 6 resources to be completed as prior-learning tasks before attending the safety school and mapped the ‘events’ and the prior learning activities to the WA HPE syllabus.

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