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A driver's licence is one of the most valuable privileges anyone can have. With independence and freedom comes responsibility. Young people participating in Keys for Life gain valuable life skills as well as knowledge about road rules, licensing, safer vehicles and safer driving.

The Drive Safe Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the road rules that apply in Western Australia. It is designed primarily to help new drivers prepare for a lifetime of safe driving.

Students who attend a Keys for Life Parent Workshop with their parents will be given a Let's Practise booklet. It includes information about learning to drive, the Log Book and handy tips about being a safer driver.

Behind the Wheel Journal cover imageBehind the Wheel is a compulsory journal for students completing Keys for Life and undertaking the Learner Theory Test at school. Your teacher will either give you a print copy of the journal or ask you to complete it online at e-journal. Teachers must register here for the e-journal, before their students do. A PDF can also be downloaded here.

Students and young people can undertake the legitimate Learner Theory Test at a school or agency implementing Keys for Life. Students who pass receive exemptions when applying for a Learner’s Permit – a privilege authorised by the Department of Transport.


Getting your L platesDownload the How to use a Keys for Life Certificate
when applying for a Learner’s Permit to assist you at the Transport Driver and Vehicle Service Centre or agent.

Department of Transport sample quizzesTo prepare for the Learner's Permit test at school, practice the sample road rules quiz on the Department of Transport website. 

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