Keys for Life Communities (Agencies)

Keys for Life is a comprehensive, evidence-based pre-driver program that assists parents, schools and agencies to educate young people about safer road use and provides licencing and graduation benefits. It can be implemented in agencies with young adults. Only staff who have completed the Keys for Life professional learning workshop, and have the required qualifications, can administer the program and the Learner's Permit Test.

Boys in car with L plates

Agency staff can download the Keys for Life teacher resource to deliver the program. This resource includes activities, instructions and checklists to implement Keys for Life.

Behind the Wheel Journal with learning support cover image

journal for students who need additional support can be downloaded. This journal can be used by students instead of the Behind the Wheel journal (BELOW).  Completing a journal is a compulsory part of the Keys for Life program.

Girl holding P plates

Young people who sit and pass the Learner's Permit Test receive a Keys for Life certificate which is used when applying for a Learner's Permit. 

Quizzes and interactive games

A range of online support materials are available to complement your Keys for Life lessons, including online practice tests , interactive online games and additional road safety videos.

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