Resilient Kids: A resilience approach to Road Safety and Drug Education

This workshop supports school staff working with Kindergarten to Year 6 students and provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • consider how explicit resilience teaching and a safe, caring learning environment can increase students’ connection to school, academic achievement and success in life

  • explore the Personal and Social Capability skills – self and social management, self and social awareness

  • unpack the resilience and wellbeing learning activities in the Challenges and Choices resources

  • observe a range of effective teaching and learning strategies that can be easily transferred into the centre or classroom to develop students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

Participation expectations

Participants should have an understanding of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline. A FREE copy of a Challenges and Choices teacher resource of your choice will be sent to you upon completion of this workshop.

The workshop is free and certificates of participation will be issued on completion and support for teacher relief is available.

Eligibility to register

Anyone who works with students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will find the workshop useful.


Places in SDERA workshops are limited and we ask that you make a commitment to attend once you have registered.  If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we are able to offer your place to another applicant.

For further information on Resilient Kids please contact

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