Road safety education for Pre-primary classes

To provide young people with the skills required to make safe decisions in a traffic environment, it is integral that road safety education begins from an early age. Parents and educators play a crucial role in teaching children how to be safe when travelling as a passenger, pedestrian, rider or driver.

To encourage schools to talk about road safety with their early childhood students, SDERA is offering a road safety storybook to every pre-primary class in WA.

That’s the Sound the Street Makes, written by renowned Australian author Danny Katz and illustrated by Mitch Vane, follows the story of Ella on her journey to school, and teaches children how to be aware in a traffic environment.

Primary schools with multiple Pre-primary classes can order additional books free of charge by contacting us

To learn more about how your school or childcare centre can educate students about road safety, read about our Smart Steps program.

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