Resilience and wellbeing assessment tasks

Our Challenges and Choices Kindergarten to Year 9 suite of resources focus on the protective personal skills and environmental strengths that help children overcome risk.

Rather than just describing what these protective skills are, Challenges and Choices provides explicit and intentional learning activities that show teachers how to develop the resilience skills and beliefs that enable children in their classroom to cope more effectively.

Resilience and wellbeing assessment tasks for students in Kindergarten/Pre-primary to Year 9 are now available to download free of charge.

These assessment tasks support the content in Focus Area 1 of each Challenges and Choices resource so that informed decisions about students’ progress and achievement in protective skills and environmental strengths can be made using authentic assessment data. 

All assessment tasks are linked to the WA Health and Physical Education Syllabus. Assessment tasks for Kindergarten/Pre-primary to Year 2 students are also linked to the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework. 

For ease of use, the assessment tasks follow the same structure as the alcohol and other drugs assessment tasks launched earlier this year. 

To download these assessment tasks visit the Challenges and Choices page and navigate to your preferred year level.

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