SDERA is governed by a Management Committee which contains representatives of the state funding groups and the systems and sectors of education. The Manager of SDERA is an ex officio member. The committee has oversight of all operational and strategic business, with funding administered by Catholic Education Western Australia. Metropolitan staff are housed by the Department of Education at the Statewide Services Centre, Padbury. Regional staff operate from Catholic Education and Department of Education sites throughout the State.

SDERA Annual Reports

Cover image SDERA Annual Report 2015-16


Management Committee

Diana Alteri (Chair)
Catholic Education Western Australia 
Kris Stafford AISWA
Kris Stafford
Association of Independent Schools
of Western Australia 
 Ann Marie Cunniffe (Mental Health Commission)
Ann Marie Cunniffe
Mental Health Commission

Karen Webster
Department of Education
(Road Safety Commission)

Richard Lobb

Department of Education
Anne Miller, SDERA Manager
Anne Miller
Manager, SDERA 
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